Range for HoReCa and Retail.

Panco bread crumbs, udon and ramen noodles, sauces 0.47L: teriyaki, unagi, kimchi, sriracha, sweet chili for chicken, soy, peanut, oyster; rice vinegar, rice dressing.

Translated from Japanese, «Kasho» means the master of fire. The brand name eloquently reflects the idea of skill in the preparation of Japanese dishes in friture. The products of this brand are universal, it is in great demand both in retail and in restaurants.

  • It is hard to say: Kasho crumbs became famous under this brand, or they themselves made the brand famous. But they are known to all who are engaged in Japanese cuisine.
  • The crumbs are made using a special technology and, as the customers say, they have a perfect fraction and are practically devoid of disadvantages.
  • A unique sauce range Kasho is the widest on the market, includes 8 types of the best traditional sauces in small packages of 0.47L each.
  • These are sauces of Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine (teriyaki, unagi, kimchi, sriracha, sweet chili, peanut, oyster, soy), as well as rice vinegar and rice dressing.
  • Also, fully prepared udon and ramen noodles that do not require freezing are released under this brand.

Kasho Products