Range for retail.

Rice, nori, breadcrumbs; sauces 240ml: teriyaki, kimchi, tonkatsu, sriracha, sweet chili for chicken, soy, sesame, oyster; rice dressing, rice vinegar.

Products that shocked the visitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and received a gold medal. Top category: natural, produced by traditional Japanese technology, with a high content of the valuable components.

  • Branded packs – bright, with a window for demonstration.
  • Bottles (with a special «soft touch» coating) are pleasant to the touch and does not slip in the hand, equipped with a convenient dispenser.
  • Convenient quantums and volume. Are very much in demand.
  • Our unit prices are low (among high-quality and natural products).
  • The range of Tamaki sauces is often called «daring» because it attracts attention wherever the buyer is in the store.
  • In connection with the increase in the exchange rate, the Russian producer has undoubted price advantages on the shelves over imported products.

Tamaki Products