Pink pickled ginger ASA (1kg)

Pickled ginger petals enhance the perception of Japanese cuisine dishes. Pink ginger is usually served with sushi and rolls, it is not only an adornment of Asian cuisine dishes, but also has healing properties.



  1. Our ginger is sweet and sour, thinly sliced and hot.
  2. High quality, no old raw materials are used.
  3. Produced by the traditional Japanese technology
  4. One package contains 1kg of chopped ginger after the brine draining.
  5. It is a bit larger than the premium one, but the cost is significantly cheaper.


Taste Sweet and sour, hot
Color Bright pink or just pink depending on the raw material
What it is applied to Served with sushi and rolls
Consistency/fraction Thinly sliced cleaned ginger petals
Category Category A + B. Produced from medium-sized ginger roots
Appearance It has an appetizing pink color, decorates dishes
Traditional nature of recipe, production Produced by the traditional Japanese technology
Ingredients Ginger, water, vinegar, citric acid, sugar, salt
Economical efficiency 1 package contains 1kg of sliced ginger after the brine draining
Quality/Grade High quality. In the production, old raw materials characterized by large petals and white veins on them are NOT USED. Ginger has a uniform pink color without yellow and brown spots.
Country of origin China
Packaging It is packaged in plastic packs of 1kg (gross weight – 1.5kg, since each bag contains 500g of brine), 10 packs in a box
Price This ginger is slightly larger, but the cost is significantly cheaper compared to its analogues
Why is it better than other famous analogues? The net weight of the product is 1kg, many competitors declare 1kg, but in fact, it is 800–900g.
Country of origin China
Unit of measurement A pack
Number of units per box 10 packs
Shelf life 18 months / 24 months 
Net weight 1kg
Gross weight 1.42kg


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