Wasabi powder Hanasyo (1kg)

Product standard. Extra hot, slightly sweet at first, then “explosive” with a rich spicy, burning and flavory taste. A strong aroma, but does not burn the tongue. Wins almost all blind tastings. Highly recommended! 



  1. Natural light green. It does not get dark or spread.
  2. Horseradish content in the product is 93% (highest grade). Hot and economical!
  3. 5kg (!) is obtained from 1kg of finished product.
  4. Convenient metallized packaging with a zip-lock.
  5. Made in accordance with the traditional Japanese technology.



Taste Product standard. Extra hot, slightly sweet at the beginning and explosive after. Light green with pieces of horseradish that are felt when eating. Consists of 93% of the highest grade horseradish.
What is it used for? Served with sushi, also can be used in the sauces preparation.
Consistency Supplied in powder, diluted with water. Thick, does not spread out
Category Highest
Traditional nature of recipe, production Traditional Japanese technology
Economy (for how long it is enough, how it is diluted, how much it turns out) 2.5kg of ready to serve pasta is obtained from one kilogram of wasabi powder
Price per kg of net product (already diluted, mixed with water) An order of magnitude more expensive than ASA and ASA Professional due to higher quality
Net product/Valuable content Natural product, 93% of horseradish and 7% of mustard
Packaging Metallic packaging with a zip-lock
What tastings, contests did it win? Wins any blind tastings
Why is it better than other famous analogues? More spicy and flavory due to the high quality of horseradish
Country of origin China (by the Japanese technology)
Unit of measurement A pack
Number of units per box 10 packs of 1kg
Shelf life 18 months
Net weight 1kg
Gross weight 1.01kg

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