Rice Vinegar Marukai Premium, 20L

Marukan Vinegar company has been producing natural rice vinegars in Japan since 1649 for more than three centuries. This is perhaps the largest Japanese producer of rice vinegar, which is often called «Number 1 in the US and Japan.» The vinegar is so natural and of high quality that it has received a kosher product certificate in the USA.


  1. Produced by natural fermentation according to the traditional method of fermentation (without acceleration).
  2. It gives the rice a floral flavour and a delicate sourness. In its production, only selected rice is used.
  3. It is considered as the main competitor of the English vinegar «Mizkan.» At the same time, it is highly competitive in price!
  4. Due to the new formula, when using Marukai Premium vinegar instead of regular ones, the rice does not dry longer.
  5. Extremely durable Bag-in-box packaging withstands long-distance transportation.


Taste (how hot, spicy, tasty) Vinegar, rice
Color (bright, rich, etc.) Light yellow, transparent
What is it used for (what famous dishes)? Used for rice seasoning and sushi making
Consistency/fraction (features)? ACIDITY 4,2%
Category High. The vinegar is made of a natural vinegar, WITHOUT ACID
Traditional nature of recipe, production Produced by the traditional method of natural fermentation, without acceleration, does not contain GMO
Ingredients (valuable content) Rice vinegar, natural vinegar, sugar, salt
Economy (for how long it is enough, how it is diluted, how much it turns out) Not diluted with water. Sugar and salt are added to rice vinegar according to the recipe of a restaurant and then this seasoning is added to rice.
Quality/Grade The highest, 100% natural product
Does it give the dish special properties (color, appetency, crust)? It gives the rice a floral flavour and a delicate sourness
Country of origin / factory (where produced, whose factory? by whose technology) USA 
Production nuances The vinegar is infused for 90 days in steel barrels to get rich with flavour and only then is poured into canisters
Packaging (convenience, durability, naturalness, zip-lock, waterproof) Extremely durable bag-in-box packaging withstands long-distance transportation
What tastings, contests did it win? Novelty on the market, the main competitor of the English vinegar Mizkan
Why is it better than other famous analogues? No chemical additives, no apple vinegar. Lower in cost.
Special features The box is designed in the usual colors for cooks, the recipe is indistinguishable from Mizkan

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