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Starting from August 2023, the "Tamaki" company invites sales department representatives and managers of our Partners to a new series of remote training sessions on Japanese, Pan-Asian and Fusion cuisine products. In addition, we have included a special sales technique training for managers.

You are a distributor of our Japanese,

Pan-Asian and Fusion cuisine products in the HoReCa and retail segments, released under the brands "Tamaki", "Marukai". Our best-selling items include nori, wasabi, various sauces, chuka salad, rice vinegar, panko breadcrumbs, sesame seeds, tempura flour and many more.

We are continuously growing and evolving.

Every day, we closely study the market trends and the demand, being the first to offer you UNIQUE AND NEW PRODUCTS with enhanced features and high quality. We are building a new factory and, together with you, plan to reach a new level of sales. And we know how to do it.

It is very important to us that your sales department representatives

and managers are well acquainted with our products and know how to offer them. Therefore, we have scheduled training sessions to provide the best support.

How are the trainings organized?
Skype / Zoom / Google Meet

The trainings are organized remotely, conducted via Skype/Zoom/Google Meet, in small groups.

15 remote sessions

It is conducted in the form of a series of webinars – 15 remote sessions (product training + workshops) lasting 60 minutes each.


We plan a flexible schedule on different days of the week, allowing participants to choose the frequency of the training, the days of the week, and the convenient time for your team.

The training instructor: Melek Dikmen, training manager at "Tamaki" company. She is an experienced organizer of online events and product trainings.

Webinar programs

During the course, your managers will study the characteristics, criteria, differences and important points that need to be emphasized when selling rice, wasabi, sauces, rice vinegar, rusks, etc.

1.Tamaki Nori 5, 7, 8 in Detail: How to Distinguish and Present Them Properly.
2. An Insider’s Look: Distinctive Features of Tamaki Chuka Salad Selection
3. The Art of Rice Vinegar: From Tamaki Classics to Pro Variants and Dressings
4. A Symphony of Flavors: Training on Tamaki's Distinctive Asian Sauces Based with Soy Sauce
5. The Ultimate in Asian Sauces: Discover the Breadth and Depth of Tamaki’s Offerings
6. Sweetness of Fruits! How to Utilize your Sales of Tamaki Fruity Sauces
7. Unleash the Power of Fruits: A Guide to Tamaki's Unique Fruity Sauces
8. Turn Up the Heat: A Comprehensive Guide to Tamaki’s Spicy Sauce Portfolio
9. Sales Excellence with Tamaki Spicy Sauces: Tools and Techniques
10. Strategic Selling of Fast Food Sauces: Empower Your Sales with Tamaki’s Premium Range
11. Embrace the Richness of Fast Food Culture: Tamaki's Sauces from Black Garlic to Black Pepper Sauce
12. Experience the Essence of Tamaki's Dressing Collection: A Deep Dive
13. A Crunchy Affair: Expert Insights into Tamaki’s Breadcrumbs and Tempura Mixes
14. Unlocking the Secrets of Tamaki Wasabi Selection: Tamaki's Recipe for Success
15. From Sushi to Salads: The Versatility of Tamaki's Roasted Sesame Seeds
Melek S. Dikmen

The Training Manager of the Tamaki Group.

An experienced organizer of online events and product trainings for the past years, trainings are offered by Melek in English language, teaching is her passion and she will be happy to have you during the program!

Melek Dikmen


Upon completion of the course, your team will receive a gift from our company and (upon request) a certificate.


In every webinar, we go through the history, characteristics, typical and unique uses of these products and what do we do differently from other analogues on the market, cuisines and uses of the condiments, small quizzes and much more to make sure that your selling process is smoother by teaching you the techniques to sell our products.

Application for training

Our manager will contact you, draw up a list of participants, specify which Skype address is more convenient to contact, select dates when training is convenient.

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