Wasabi powder ASA Professional (2kg)

Flavoring obtained by drying and grinding the juicy root of Japanese horseradish. Our wasabi ASA Professional is a bestseller and our pride. You can’t find the best quality for this price!


  1. 5kg (!) is obtained from 2kg powder of finished product (not 3 and not 4).
  2. Horseradish content in the product is 60%. Explosive! With a rich spicy, burning and flavory taste. A strong aroma, but does not burn the tongue.
  3. Natural light green. It does not get dark or spread.
  4. Unique packaging with a zip-lock.
  5. The most attractive thing is the price per 1kg! You can earn more on every kilogram.


Taste Flavory rich, even explosive taste, but without bitterness
Color Natural light green.
What it is applied to Wasabi is added to rolls and rice, put in the first course dishes for pungency and flavour; sauces for fish dishes are prepared on its basis
Consistency Thick, does not spread out
Recipe tradition nature Traditional Japanese recipe
Ingredients Natural, 60% of horseradish
Economical efficiency 5kg (!) of ready to serve product is obtained from 2kg of wasabi powder
Price per kg of net product Very favorable price in terms of 1kg!
Quality Excellent quality. You cannot find the best quality for this price!
Packaging Unique sealed packaging with a zip-lock
Why is it better than other famous analogues? Artificial horseradish flavorings are not used, there is no chemical smell. After diluting in soy sauce, starchy thickets does not form at the bottom of the gravy boat. No extraneous inclusions.
Country of origin Russia
Unit of measurement A pack
Number of units per pack 10 packs of 2kg
Shelf life 24 months
Net weight 2kg
Gross weight 2.03kg


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