Dried pressed seaweed (Nori) Hanasyo, 100 sheets

Nori Hanasyo stand apart. Any seaweed has a top and a bottom. The top of seaweed — is the best part; more tender raw material, more aromatic. The premium product of B-category. Not too thick and not very thin.

For those who demand always the same excellent and stable quality with every supply – Hanasyo seaweed is the best choice.



  1. 100%nori seaweed. Traditional Japanese technology of roasting
  2. Exclusive supply from a factory that also supplies nori to Japan.
  3. The nori sheet is flexible (not overdried). It bends without breaking, easily tears.
  4. It is easy to chew, the taste of aromatic dried seaweed remains in the mouth, slightly iodine.
  5. Clear and even edges. Homogeneous structure. In the light – without «holes.»



Taste Moderately thin, flavory, crisp sheets of green with a golden tint
Color Delicate uniform taste inherent to seaweed, without extraneous after-taste
What is it applied to To make rolls
Consistency Crispy, but not brittle. The raw material is spread evenly, there are no pronounced light and dark areas
Category High (category B)
Appearance Uniform green, without extraneous inclusions
Traditional nature of recipe, production Traditional Japanese technology
Ingredients Nori seaweed 100%
Economical efficiency One pack of 100 sheets is enough for 200 classic rolls
Quality Produced from the best raw materials only at the single factory, stable quality for 10 years
It gives the dish special properties Prepared roll does not fall apart, it is easy to chew
Net product 100% natural product
Country of origin China
Packaging A pack of 100 sheets, a Zip Lock, packing weight is 300 grams
What tastings, contests did it win? One of the best products on the market
Why is it better than other famous analogues? The consistently high quality
Unit of measurement A pack
Number of units per box 50 packs
Shelf life 24 months
Net weight 0.28–0.3kg
Gross weight 0.32–0.34kg

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